Your Homebirth

Our fee is includes:

– complete prenatal care tailored to suit your specific wishes/needs/desires
– Community Building at the Birth Center that introduces you to other home birth/natural birth families in the area
– labwork as needed or requested
– referrals for ultrasound (3D by a licensed radiologist) if desired
– 24/7 availability from date of hire to 6 weeks postpartum. [This means **I** will personally answer your phone call, anytime, every time (unless I’m with another mama). No recordings, no answering services.]
– breastfeeding support and education
– full access to my lending library of DVD’s and books
– attendance at your birth with myself and another qualified attendant
– physical & emotional assessment & support of you & your baby during labor
– birth kit
– postpartum care in your home at 24 hours, 3-7 days, 3 weeks and 6 weeks
– complete normal newborn care until 6 weeks
– newborn metabolic screening for an additional $65 fee payable to the State of Missouri
– blood typing of your newborn
– normal newborn care up to 6 weeks
– nutritional education and herbal/supplement suggestions
– referrals for alternative modalities that include reflexology, massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture
– Waterbirth is included and encouraged! There is an additional fee of $50 for your birth pool.

Please do not hesitate to call me because you think you can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for individualized prenatal and birth care. I do my best to work with your insurance and have discounts available depending on financial need. My billing specialist will work with you to determine the best way to work with your insurance company.

We now have a scholarship program for women of low income or extenuating circumstances that might prevent them from having an out-of-hospital birth. Please fill out the form below and indicate your interest in the scholarship program. We will help if we can!

It is my heart to serve women & babies where they are: irrespective of financial, social, educational or economic status. You are not too old, too young, too fat, too thin, too rich, too poor or too scarred for me to serve you. I also offer myself as a doula for hospital births if that is where it would be safest for you to birth your baby.

Kelly @ (660) 454-0441 or fill out the following for more information:

5 thoughts on “Your Homebirth

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  2. Hi I was wondering how long after birth would a woman have to stay at the birthing center?Also are you familiar with the insurance that they have at Duke mfg in sedalia?I am not pregnant yet but I would love to do a all natural birth in a calm setting.I just don’t think we have the money after all our bills.Thanks for taking time out to read this.God Bless

    • Hi Stephanie! For some reasons this comment didn’t get to my inbox! SO SORRY!!!

      There is no minimum stay after 4 hours. We plan that according to many factors, including how the birth went, your energy level, baby’s stability, etc. Most of the mom’s who have birthed here go home at the 4 hour mark. I am not familiar with that particular insurance but am currently working with most insurance companies on one level or another. Thanks for the note!!!

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