Excellent press piece

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Quite surprisingly, this piece about  midwives and homebirth is quite balanced if not a bit to the left. Kudos. One of my favorite lines:

““All women have choices,” Rach Zeller of Buffalo Homebirth says. “They can refuse anything that they’re being asked to consent to. They need to take it upon themselves to really understand what the ramifications are of what procedures they allow.

So we are back to the old question we birth advocates keep going round and round about. The age-old question of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Is it the doctors who need to change or the women who need to stand up and demand birth be allowed to progress as GOD intended? Because let’s face it – women’s bodies were created and I believe INTRICATELY DESIGNED to give birth. And like any other God-thing that we humans get our hands into, we may never fully understand the ramifications of messing with that perfection.

Midwifery in Missouri

For those of you unaware of the status of midwifery in Missouri, this stands to be a banner year for the cause here. Currently, a homebirth is legal but having anyone attend that homebirth other than a CNM or an MD is a felony charge. There is a court case coming up in the spring that could change all that, but in the meantime we need to make LOUD our support of professional midwives and our choices in regards to where we give birth.

Even if you aren’t a supporter of homebirth, if you live in Missouri and support ANY of the following, consider writing or visiting your representative about this issue:

  • Do you believe women and families should control their choices in healthcare, not doctors or legislators?
  • Do you support TRUE informed consent regarding healthcare decisions?
  • Do you support the idea that medical decisions should remain in the hands and hearts of the people that those decisions effect?
  • Do you support the idea that mothers and babies deserve high-quality, caring, safe healthcare regardless of where they choose to give birth?

If you agree with any of the above statements, then please, consider writing to your Missouri Representative today! If you are NOT a Missouri resident, but support the above or midwifery/homebirth in general: visit Friends of Missouri Midwives to see how you can help!

Again, many of us realize that this year’s elections will change our lives in numerous ways. Perhaps more so than any election has in years. Let this be the banner year for Missouri families as we seek legislation to increase their options for safe, affordable, empowering, fearless birth!