Our Team

Kelly has been a midwife since beginning her practice in 2007. Since then she has attended more than 350 births in her community as well as serving the women in Mourne Rouge Haiti in 2012. In addition to midwifery Kelly is an intuitive healer and incorporates many traditional healing modalities in support of the body’s ability to be completely whole and well. She is the mother of 5 sons and one daughter, ranging in age from 3 – 21. In her spare time she enjoys making medicine, knitting, milking her goats and horseback riding. It her vision to see women completely empowered, educated and inspired to live their best life every day!


holleaHollea is a certified birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator through Perinatal ReSources. She has also completed my Breastfeeding Peer Counselor training through the LLLI’s peer counselor training program. She is currently a student midwife and starting a few local support groups in her area for moms and their families.

Hollea’s interest in childbirth and supporting women through the process came after she had her son and was failed by the system. Had she had the knowledge and known she had choices, she would have made several different ones in her own birth. This is the reason she became a doula. She wants to empower each woman to find her inner strength, have the ability to have access to the knowledge needed for their birth experience and for them to know that they are in charge of their care.

Hollea has attended numerous births and especially likes working with VBAC moms.

Find more about Hollea, here.


RachelRachel is a widowed mama of four spunky kids. Her first two babies were hospital induced, but her third was born into the arms of his daddy’s on the side of the road, and her 4th was delivered in water at home. Her journey as an Apprenticing Midwife has been profoundly impacted by these experiences. Rachel is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist and Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist. She have a fondness of gardening and an unabashed love of chocolate, but empowering women through education, natural health, and holistic living is undoubtedly her life’s passion.

Find more about Rachel, here.


10310622_10202037842454658_522903890896086011_nGabby is the 2nd oldest in a family of twelve children. Seven of her siblings were born at home. She is just beginning her journey in midwifery and feels like she couldn’t have been led down a more obvious path for her life. Gabby has a passion for service and loves providing a helping hand wherever she is needed.



2 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. I am so excited to find you. I am from Sedalia and all of my family lives there. I recently moved to AR and had a beautiful natural home birth there. I also helped start a birthing community that supports informed choices for birthing, mothering, and all that comes with children. Finding you and your services has really made me smile. I am SOOOO going to encourage my family members to look into all that you have to offer!!

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