Kelly definitely deserves something to let her know we remember what she did for us (mostly for me I feel like am a whole new person with newly discovered strength and confidence-I might have to scream and cuss but I CAN DO IT! And surely if I can do that I can do anything!) ~ Candice
Kelly, we so appreciated your calm and reassuring presence with us for Joel’s birth. Your careful and loving support made his birth truly something we remember with fondness and not regret! Can’t wait to call you again for baby #2 ~ Sarah (23yo 1st time mom)
You must be some kind of hero for doing this work. I just found you last week, and here you are catching my baby. Thank you. Having just moved to the area I didn’t know what we would do… SO glad God sent you to us! ~ Mae (39yo VBAC)
I was ready to pounce if anything went wrong or you made Kim nervous but you were awesome. We actually want to have another baby now. On purpose. ~Matt (21yo 1st time Dad)
This birth was everything I dreamed it would be. There were some things that were different, but that feeling – holding my baby FIRST, not being rushed or told what to do and how to do it… you will never know what that meant to me. ~Esther (35yo 4th baby)

One thought on “Kudos

  1. Kelly is the perfect midwife for us; she is exactly what we were looking for. She is educated, confident, nurturing, eloquent, and dedicated. She made us feel at ease about the whole process but gave us enough space to claim the experience as our own. In prenatal visits, she gave us all the information and answered all of our questions, but left to us the responsibility of ultimately deciding what was best for us and our baby. During labor, she was there as much as we wanted or needed her, but she wasn’t intrusive. Kelly gave us time to labor alone as husband and wife-a precious time that I will always remember fondly. When the time came (transition, I think), I requested that she stay in the room and she remained by my side the whole time. Her presence made me feel calm, at ease, and not the least bit worried/concerned about anything. She was a rock star midwife, and I can’t imagine the birth of my sweet Saylor without her.

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