Free Food

Let’s back up a bit. Why do we need to wonder where our food comes from? Why does it matter? Is the “organic” label good enough? The government is our nation’s food watchdog: isn’t it?

The Cliff Notes answer to these questions are these: Yes, it matters where our food comes from and we should be asking this question every time we put it into our mouths and the mouths of our children. It matters because we really “are what we eat”. The organic label isn’t enough in and of itself, and there is more to question here than just the absence of chemicals. And sadly, no, the government is NOT our nation’s food watchdog. Our Supreme Court ruled that the federal government (FDA) does NOT have the jurisdictional legally to shut down unsafe food plants. Scary huh?

So, rent, checkout from your library or purchase these two films and get started. Invite a few neighbors over, sit down with your family and watch, learn – open yourself to the possibility of looking at the world in an entirely new way.

I have some sweet friends who are doing it – sustainability is the term – and Nathan just had a wonderful article published on this subject. Not a buts and bolts or how-to article by any means, but it does a good job of answering the “why should I care” question.

I found an awesome resource for the “how” question – especially if you look at your thumb and wonder, “Is it green or brown?”. This is a free online helper for beginning to grow your own food! I had a friend who told me, “I can’t garden. I can kill cut roses in a vase.” She now grows nearly all of the vegetables her family of 5 consumes in a YEAR. Yes, really… and NO she does not live on a farm with endless cash and/or large machinery. She lives on a lot in a fairly large city, in a duplex so she is even sharing the yard. It can be done.  There are some wonderful email lists still active and welcoming to new members such as organichomesteadgardening on YahooGroups (And yes I realize this is totally out of date and old fashioned. I still like my YahooGroups.). These are great resources if you cannot find someone local to help you get started.

Now we know the question: Where does our food come from and does it matter?

And the answer: We really don’t know unless we grow it ourselves, and of course it does!

AND the solution to the statement (excuse): I can’t afford to feed my family organic food!


<<<Watch this page for regular updates and more resources on non-GMO / organic / heirloom gardening!>>>




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