Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Clicking on the picture above will take you to an Amazon.com page where you can purchse this book. I do make a tiny bit of of each sale, but the proceeds go to Freethemidwives.org . 

The Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control strikes fear into the hearts of some couples. Rightly so. It can be tricky to learn, and if not learned properly the results can be… well… pink or blue! While we may argue the theological implications of birth control until doom’s day, it is suffecient to say that there may be times in a couple’s life together that getting pregnant isn’t optimal but chemical birth control is not an option. Enter Taking Charge of Your Fertility. An absoultely amazing book. I learned things from reading this book even though I had read fertility books for YEARS while I waited for another child to come along and wondered why he wasn’t on his way yet. 🙂

This book doesn’t focus on achieving pregnancy OR avoiding it. It is unlike most other books on the subject in that regard. It is a book to educate women about their fertility. And boy does it do that. I wish I had read this book before I got married. And yes, I have already bought one for my daughter’s hope chest. 🙂 Awesome resource no birthing woman should be without.