Vaccination Information

I would like to share a resource for vaccination information that (for the first time) I can heartily recommend. There are dozens of books on the subject, and hundreds of websites. Mostly they are portraying one side or other of the debate. This does not help families make INFORMED decisions regarding immunizations. 

The book is “Make an Informed Vaccine Decision” by Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH. I am an analyticalperson by nature and I thoroughly appreciate the “one vaccine at a time” approach throughout the book. The ingredients, the risks, VAERS reports, what each illness looks like , the risk in our population of acquiring said disease, etc. It’s all there, with citations. 

Touching me touching you…

“Our culture may be changing, but our evolutionary need for touch remains the same. Babies’ brains are designed to expect closeness and proximity — to be held for their safety, psychological growth, physical growth, mental growth, to aid and stabilize their physiological processes and keep their immune systems strong. Touch is not an emotional fringe benefit. It’s as necessary as the air we breathe.”
~James McKenna

I was at a family event yesterday and saw two mothers. One mama carried her baby in a Moby Wrap, tucked safely inside, sweet and snug as a bug. She had a diaper bag on one shoulder, and her toddlers hand held on the other side. They both looked content and happy. The other mother carried her baby in one of those big bulky infant carrier/carseats. Neither looked happy or content. Baby was screaming loudly, mom’s posture was twisted to one side – loaded down with diaper bag on one side and carseat+baby on the other.

I can’t say enough about how different the mother’s AND baby’s appearance and demeanor are when using a carrier versus a carseat. Try it! The benefits of wearing your baby are far-reaching, both physically and emotionally, developmentally and relational.


This is a really hot topic. Your mother may be having a fit that you’re think of NOT circumcising her grandson, and your husband might not understand what the big deal is. Just remember this: He is your son, and YOU are making decisions for him that will affect him the rest of his life. Make the decision carefully, and without relying on emotional arguments or propaganda.

Here is some information to begin your research into making an informed decision regarding circumcision. Part Two of this video can be found by clicking the screen and going to YouTube.

This second video is quite graphic and should not be watched with young children in the room. It shows an actual circumcision.

If you choose to circumcise your son and are fully informed regarding that decision, I can refer you to a lovely Rabbi in the St. Louis area who does circumcisions in his office.

Josiah Aaron Joel

Beautiful mama, totally self-empowered, strong and beautiful birth. Gorgeous baby: all 10lbs. 14oz. of him… #5 in the family… this birth just makes me want to cry. Pure joy – Mama got just what she wanted, baby was born into a state of bliss…

Beautiful birth is NOT A MYTH.

It’s all in the packaging!


Modern media has proven that you can wrap up just about anything and people will like it: IF the wrapper catches your eye!

Well, wrapping your baby isn’t a marketing ploy – and the cute factor is what’s INSIDE your baby wrap! There are many reasons to wear your baby. I love this website’s list. I can’t vouch for the items they have for sale as I’ve never purchased a wrap or sling. They are too easy to just make yourself!!!

Seriously though, you don’t have to spend $50 – $100 on a good baby carrier. My favorite to-date is a lovely length of fabric I purchased from the $1/yard table! No sewing required!!!

If you are new to mothering, you simply must give wearing your baby a shot. It will quickly become your favorite accessory. 🙂

Here are a few more links to get you started:
The Baby Wearer
Rebozo Way
Ask Dr. Sears

My favorite with sewing instructions:
Wear Your Baby

And if you need to “see” how to use a wrap, thank goodness for YouTube!
You Tube Wrap Videos

Touching me… touching you…

Sweet caroline…. good times never seemed so good…. I’ve been inclined to believe it never would… -Neil Diamond. Only a midwife could pull a birth analogy from a Neil Diamond song. 🙂 “Peri-natal psychologists and midwives I’ve talked to have … Continue reading

Beautiful ugliness


I don’t know of a more heart-wrenching thing to experience than losing a child. As a midwife I am coming into the realization that every loss my sisters experience is as though it were my own.

I want to stomp my feet, shake my hand to heaven and KNOW WHY. Why does a beautiful couple lose a baby just as they learn of it’s presence? Why would they find a midwife, take care of their bodies, be respectful of the design for pregnancy and birth by our Creator and then experience… LOSS.

Horrible, aching, non-sensical LOSS.

And then the comfort comes and the beauty of it is perhaps more staggering than the loss. The beautiful tapestry of people and events that were orchestrated on their behalf… a web of comfort and care that holds them as they grieve. The curtain is pulled back just enough for me to see that they are not alone, enough for me to see that they are always held within His hand. He sees them and does not leave them comfortless.

Sleep is a four letter word…

errr…. uh…. ok. So I’m so sleep-deprived I’ve forgotten how to count. Ugh. But it seems my baby thinks it’s a bad word. Why else wouldn’t he do more of it? 🙂

I keep thinking of the old days when I, sadly, let my second oldest child “cry it out”. I was the one crying it out. Makes me sick now to think I did that to my child. But when “everyone” says that it’s ok, and assures me that my misgivings are emotional and not based on any real danger? Well. Needless to say I was not only naive but horribly inept at listening to my mother’s voice. I did not trust myself, nor my ability to mother.

Which is the real purpose of this post. Ha! And you thought I was just going to whine about not getting enough sleep!

Mothering is not a science. There. I said it. You can’t follow any given formula and be assured of  an “optimal outcome”. Mothering is not like baking a cake. You cannot follow another’s recipe and pull out a perfect baby or a happy mama. Oh how I wish it were this simple! So my babies would all be assured of the perfect childhood, mothered by a peaceful, always rested and never grouchy mama, who would then grow up into happy and well-adjusted God-serving adults who are a boon to society at large!

Yeah. Ain’t gonna happen. The latter might, and I **am** hopeful, but it won’t be because of some parenting book or another mother’s way of doing things. Because I have found, like you might, that my children are as unique as I am. EACH child has had to be mothered a bit differently. Multiply that by 6 and I’ve discoverd that I don’t “know” one thing about parenting! LOL

And so my mothering is always in a state of flow… a constant moving stream of thought, prayer and insomnia. 🙂 I encourage you to lay back and float this current too. The view is quite nice and the company is fabulous. Enjoy your children. They really are only babies for a tiny flash of time. And trust me… the sleep-deprivation doesn’t last forever either. 🙂

Share the truth lately?

I just read this awesome article on . In it Maryn explores the possibility that women are mostly making that decision based on emotion. That or they simply haven’t heard that homebirth has come to the 21st century. In spades. 🙂

Many women are making the decision to deliver in the hospital because of fear. And that’s not ok. And it’s not ok because fear does not usually serve us well. Respect the process? Yes. Fear it? Not exactly. I wish there was a way to overcome this… BELIEF SYSTEM… that says we should FEAR BIRTH. Some of it has to do with education, yes. But with the internet and television (Thank you Ricki Lake!) most women in the US have at least “heard about” someone having a homebirth, and that it went well for them.

The problem seems to me that our community connectedness is gone… thanks to the TV and internet (Sorry Ricki). We have to really work at being connected to other moms who are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.

Given one, real hand account of a homebirth from a women that I am friends with – whom I trust – and that outweighs MUCH of what I hear, read, or see from other sources. Kindof like a referral to a great hair stylist? 🙂 You can see the ads, clip the coupons and be disatisfied until you BFF tells you about this “fab stylist” at such-and-such street.

So, as a storykeeper, I encourage ALL mothers who’ve had a homebirth to SHARE THEIR STORIES. When someone walks up to you and admires your baby, tell them, “Yes, he was born at home. It was wonderful.” or something like that. Tell the truth! There is nothing illegal about homebirth, and other than a few snubbed noses you’re not likely to encounter anything threatening at making your announcement.

It’s especially meaningful to share these stories at your MOPS meetings, Sunday school, homeschool coops, etc. etc. with women WHO KNOW YOU. Because I’m betting you’re a cool gal and that they trust you. Share the trust one can have in birth and help dispell the FEAR!!!