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Obama Care?!

So many questions swirl around this subject – requirements, restrictions, mandatory this and thats. Confused yet? If you would like to learn more about this subject and find out what your options REALLY are, please consider joining the discussion with us. Click below and we will schedule an informational meeting in your area. Civic groups, churches and community groups are encouraged to participate. Not local? No problem. Video conferencing can cross the miles!


Stay updated…

If you want to know about local happenings, classes, film showings, gatherings and cooperatives, be sure to sign up on our website for immediate notifications.
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Essential Oils:
Nature’s Pharmaceuticals

When anyone in our family is REALLY sick, and we know it’s either a virus or infection, we reach for essential oils. Go visit our friend Linda at Heritage Essential Oils to find out more. Tell Linda that Kelly sent you!

Heritage Essential Oils

New Contact Information

If you would like to schedule an appointment you may call 660-454-0441. If our receptionist doesn’t answer right away please leave your name and phone number and she will call you right back!

If you are a client and have a health care question that is NOT an emergency, please email your midwife at :

If you have an emergency please call your midwife on the number she gave you for such occasions.

Unfortunately, text messages (though convenient) are not HIPPA compliant. As a rule, please do not text message your health questions.

Office Hours are: 9am – 5pm
Email is answered the same day,
and often within the hour.

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