At Home in Auburn

at home in auburn.

A really beautiful video of why one couple chose homebirth. (some nudity, might not want the kiddos watching without previewing) I love the interviews with couples, there is a whole series here of different couples, different locations, different reasons for choosing out of hospital birth. Enjoy!

One thought on “At Home in Auburn

  1. thank you so much for posting a link to this film! “at home in auburn” is part of “at home in maine”–a film series about homebirth and midwifery care. go to: to see 10 more authentic, artistic portraits of the homebirth experience. not just for mainers! and not just about homebirth, but about having a picture of normal, natural, woman-centered birth.

    i am in the process of transitioning the films to video on demand (vod), which means they can be rented and/or purchased as a digital download. they are a great educational tool for women in their childbearing years and their partners, midwives, student midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, etc.! they also make a great gift…

    thanks again for posting! beautiful site you have here…keep up the good work!


    nicolle littrell
    woman in the moon films
    belfast, maine

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