Share the truth lately?

I just read this awesome article on . In it Maryn explores the possibility that women are mostly making that decision based on emotion. That or they simply haven’t heard that homebirth has come to the 21st century. In spades. ๐Ÿ™‚

Many women are making the decision to deliver in the hospital because of fear. And that’s not ok. And it’s not ok because fear does not usually serve us well. Respect the process? Yes. Fear it? Not exactly. I wish there was a way to overcome this… BELIEF SYSTEM… that says we should FEAR BIRTH. Some of it has to do with education, yes. But with the internet and television (Thank you Ricki Lake!) most women in the US have at least “heard about” someone having a homebirth, and that it went well for them.

The problem seems to me that our community connectedness is gone… thanks to the TV and internet (Sorry Ricki). We have to really work at being connected to other moms who are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.

Given one, real hand account of a homebirth from a women that I am friends with – whom I trust – and that outweighs MUCH of what I hear, read, or see from other sources. Kindof like a referral to a great hair stylist? ๐Ÿ™‚ You can see the ads, clip the coupons and be disatisfied until you BFF tells you about this “fab stylist” at such-and-such street.

So, as a storykeeper, I encourage ALL mothers who’ve had a homebirth to SHARE THEIR STORIES. When someone walks up to you and admires your baby, tell them, “Yes, he was born at home. It was wonderful.” or something like that. Tell the truth! There is nothing illegal about homebirth, and other than a few snubbed noses you’re not likely to encounter anything threatening at making your announcement.

It’s especially meaningful to share these stories at your MOPS meetings, Sunday school, homeschool coops, etc. etc. with women WHO KNOW YOU. Because I’m betting you’re a cool gal and that they trust you. Share the trust one can have in birth and help dispell the FEAR!!!

4 thoughts on “Share the truth lately?

  1. I know there was a mom in my Hypnobabies class who was toying with the idea of homebirth, but it was after she met another couple in class who had HAD a homebirth that it helped her to actually do it!

  2. I always had wanted to do it naturally but it wasn’t until my 3rd baby that I actually had a homebirth. I knew someone who had done it with 2 of her babies and they were personal friends of my husband before they were mine. So when I couldn’t agree with my doctor’s ways at 20 something week my husband offered me 3 options:
    1) do what the doctor says
    2) find another doctor or
    3) have a homebirth.

    I didn’t blink. I said homebirth. and that is what we did. It has been the best experience of my life. We also had a 4th homebirth. Due to a bit more bleeding we decided to go to the hospital but once we got checked and baby was alright I proceeded as if I was home (with labor and delivery positions, no interventions etc etc) except I had to fight the nurses, doctors and student doctors through labor, delivery and afterwords. Golly, are they pushy or what???!!! One CANNOT have a PEACEFUL birth at a hospital.

    anyway, if we get pregnant again we will do a homebirth again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks for writing and sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was a bit quieter about it with my first, but with my 2nd I told anyone who asked “where are you delivering?” the truth – at home. My actual response was more along the lines of, “Well, I’m not exactly sure. I am thinking about trying to birth in my tub, but I’ll probably end up on my bed again.”

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