My husband thinks I get “spicy” when I’m pregnant.

I concur.

Seems like the further along I get, coupled with the more babies I have, added to the fact that I’m not a sweet and tender 20 anymore, and you end up with a VERY spicy pregnant chick on your hands.

Spicy: Say-what-she-thinks, no-holes-barred, no-topics-uncovered, opinion-on-everything, no-room-for-compromise, tenacity-of-a-freight-train “spicy”

Now I’m not spicy in a mean way, but in a way that does tend to make people walk out of the room backwards when I get going. 🙂 It also tends to alienate people and I really hate that. But I can’t help it. You know how most people get food cravings in pregnancy? I get “issue” cravings. Like, I have to talk about it RIGHT NOW, to anyone who will listen, or not. 😛 And of course, those issues usually revolve around parenting, or birth, or relationships, etc. etc.

Today’s issue (for your viewing pleasure) is amniotic fluid levels. Low ones to be exact, being used as a reason to induce and scare women half to death. I realize this is an older article (2003) but it’s been shown again in more recent ones (I just don’t want to dig out references at the moment).

The researchers studied 262 women (131 with oligohydramnios and 131 with normal amounts of amniotic fluid) who gave birth at The Johns Hopkins Hospital between November 1999 and July 2002, comparing the babies’ health at birth. Patients with oligohydramnios were delivered sooner, but were less likely to need Caesarian sections. Babies born to moms with isolated low amniotic fluid were normal size and were at no increased risk of respiratory problems, immature intestines or brain disorders.

Study co-authors were Rita Driggers, Karin Blakemore and Cynthia Holcroft. Abstract # 318: Driggers, R. et al, “Are Neonatal Outcomes Worse in Deliveries Prompted by Oligohydramnios?”

Hello?! You’d think that would settle it, yes? No. More inductions are happening today than last week, and SO many happen now compared to even 5 years ago that it’s no wonder our nations surgical birth rate is so astronomical. Some common sense please, people? Why mess with a phenomenon that has been working without our “help” for centuries? And yes, birth really does work without intervention. To say it doesn’t is like saying that no one can have a bowel movement without medication. Ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Spicy

  1. I agree. I have had 4 babies and I have heard a variety of crazy stories and excuses that doctors say to induce a pregnant woman. it’s ridiculous. I too have a hard time listening to women saying they are going to the hospital to get induced. most women don’t want to know. They want the fast food way of having babies. They just want to go through the drive thru, pay and consume. Don’t care what is in the food, how it was prepared. Same with their babies “just let me lay here and take that baby out of me. I don’t care about anything else. ” People paying to be ignorant. Sad, very sad.

  2. Oh, I totally relate. I was always a very verbal, creative, emotive PMSer. Birthing doubled that, intensified it. Periods are much more a time of power. My last pregnancy was very much that, too. I even managed to get on the bad side of a whole cadre of internet blogging wimmin who didn’t like how direct I was. I don’t regret a moment of it and actually look forward to my next pregnancy because I know the spice will flow. 🙂

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