Woohoo!!! VOICES is HERE! Or, rather… THERE…. You can click below to order your copy. Keep in mind that this is coming from the publisher directly (since it takes about 3 months to get it onto Amazon) so it ***CAN*** take 4 weeks to arrive. It shouldn’t and probably won’t, but I did have to warn you. I SO hate waiting for books!

I just can’t explain how excited I am for this project to be finally and fully complete. It is just amazing how much I believe in the power of these stories. And it’s not just a book of birth stories (though who doesn’t LOVE those?!). It also includes all the recent stats and research relating to the safety of VBACs. I’ve been told it is not only a great book for mamas who are journeying toward VBAC, but also for birth workers who want to support them as they go. 🙂

Please accept my humblest thank you’s for purchasing, and for getting the word out that the book is HERE at LONG last. If this first run goes well we might be able to get this into market with a mainstream publisher. Which would be TOTALLY awesome since it would reach more women that way.

Who is doing a happy dance today?

ME! Me! ME!!!

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