Oh my goodness.

This has to be the single most ridiculous “invention” I’ve ever heard of in relation to women’s health. Good grief.

Ever heard of GOOD NUTRITION strengthening and giving elasticity to pelvic floor tissues?

Ever heard of emotional/psychological conditioning to learn to accept the labor waves instead of fighting them?

Ever heard of, oh I don’t know, BIRTHING WITH A MIDWIFE? 🙂

Goodness. I applaud the idea that episiotomies are ugly, nasty inventions of man (which, by the way, nearly every “invention” in relation to birth has been an unmitigated disaster). But seriously folks. A balloon in the vagina to stretch out vaginal floor tissues? Good grief Charlie Brown.

4 thoughts on “Oh my goodness.

  1. I recommend the epi-no in my practice – it is a wonderful invention, allays a woman’s fear about the baby ‘fitting through” and gets her wrorking with her body in an interactive way. Most women in my practice use it and are very happy with the results!! It is based on an old african concept of giving women a calabash in early pregnancy and increasing the size of the calabash as the pregnancy progresses. the old midwives explain the purpose of the calabash. It has worked very well for centuries.

  2. having said that, of course we have given birth for centuries without it. Most of us have been fine. A few of us have paid a price though.

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