A Few Things About Cloth Diapers

I had the privilege of cloth diapering my youngest child. What was an economic neccesity at the time turned out to be SO MUCH FUN! Yes really! He was my 4th child and our financial cirumstances at the time of his birth made it imperative that I cut as many corners as possible in our household budget. I tried the cheap disposables. RASH City. LEAKS everywhere. I tried cutting coupons but there wasn’t enough of a savings. I resorted to cloth.


If you’ve never held a baby in a  cloth diaper you haven’t LIVED! It wasn’t smelly, it was easy to keep the diapers cleaned, we had no leaks… it was awesome. My only regret  was that I found all this out on my 4th child and not my first. Once I figured out that fitted diapers were JUST as convenient as disposables I never looked back. Check out these links and watch for more articles on this FUN FUN FUN baby passtime. Cloth diapering is addictive! 

Dierctory of cloth diapering businesses, diapering terms,and diaper reviews. AWESOME place to start researching cloth diapering!

Dollar Stretcher – saving money is a BIG perk to cloth diapering!

My favorite fitted cloth diapers. Pricey but VERY good quality. Will make their way through many babies.

Great FAQ’s for diapering, including how to wash. IT’s really NOT that big of a deal!!!

Just a few of the benefits of cloth diapering for your baby.

And just in case you thought those expensive organic disposables are ok… think again.

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